There are end number of benefits of studying in foreign universities . According to the articles published by reputed Indian newspapers and on platforms such as World Economic Forum (WEF) used to boast about the international exposure; cognitive benefits of learning a different language, and talking with people from different nations, and last but not the least a rewarding career.

Now, I must say I have already experienced most of the things I read which in general is true but would like to point out that there are some struggles which no article explicitly talks about: The feeling of being an odd one out because of your language and skin color, the feeling of homesickness, etc.

Even though on an individual level, these can be challenging, but, I believe on a long run these experiences shape you as a person. In general studying in Germany or any other foreign country makes you sensitive to other people, a lot more understandable, and insightful.

Let’s see what you can expect from your time in Germany based on my experience:


  1. Student Benefits: I think it is good to start with one of the most significant benefits of studying in Germany. As a student, you get a discount on almost everything. I remember paying nothing for visiting Louvre museum and the Palace of Versailles (where other people had to pay 15–20 Euros). Also for travel card in Germany as an example. Note: You need be less than 26 years of age to enjoy the student benefits
  2. Curriculum: It is detailed and flexible. There are many courses, electives which you can choose from. Also, there is a chance to learn the German language as well.
  3. Internationality: There are many international business and engineering universities and colleges. You can expect a pretty diverse group of students studying with you (But majorly German, Indian, Chinese, French,etc.)
  4. Internship/Job: There are many companies in Germany ranging from giants such as DHL, SAP, Daimler, Siemens, VW, etc. to many start-ups. Therefore, there are is a high probability of working in the HQ/Corporate Office of the companies. These would give you excellent exposure.
  5.  Part-time jobs: Even though the German language is required for this but in many cases, you can manage to get some job without much German knowledge.
  6. People: Nice and accommodating people, but without the German language sometime it may become challenging to gel up with the locals beyond an extent. But don’t forget there are thousands like you living as an expat, and therefore you can make friends easily.
  7. Parties: When the semester is running there are parties now and then, and therefore a good chance to meet new people and friends in the process.
  8. Travel: There is the heaven of the world ‘Switzerland’ nearby and other beautiful countries and places which you can explore during your studies in Germany.
  9. Bread and Beer: There are a hell lot of beer and bread varieties if you want to try.
  1. German Language: It is easily beat the crap out of you, on a lighter side. For example, somehow I was placed in a wrong tax bracket. When I went to clarify this in my city tax office, an officer did not know English and me German, so I was very annoyed (managed to deal the situation because of my basic German knowledge, but this experience reminded me to brush up my language skills). Many understand this while searching for a job/internship.
  2. Cold Weather: You can not always go out in shorts! And it takes 20 minutes to put on and off your dress every time you want to get out of your home. Especially in Düsseldorf, it is always raining in addition to the bitter kalt weather. That sucks!
  3. Vegetarian Food: Difficult to find as many options as non-vegetarians have. There may be a case where you eat something you don’t want, if you are not careful enough, you know that I mean 😉

Written By Hitesh Sharma(Founder- MindBiz)

DAAD– Student Exchange Services and Scholarship in Germany

DAAD is quite choosy in offering scholarships to International students. To be realistic, I would say that if you are an exceptionally talented individual you are likely to be offered a scholarship by DAAD.

Getting a scholarship for your education in Germany is very difficult due to the fact that education is free in the country. If an individual has the necessary credentials to get into a good public university then his/her tuition fees becomes free, and moreover, if the individual successfully gets a part time job then he/she can contribute to the living expenses incurred. This makes it more or less like a scholarship.

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