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MindBiz provides end to end solution for the quality improvement endeavours of educational institutions. With your help, we implement the processes which are required for higher quality. The scope can broadly be categorised into following categories:

  • Institutional academic quality management
  • Development and review of qualifications and educational programs
  • Financial, administrative and physical resources
  • Human resources, staff selection, appraisal and development
  • Student information and admission to programs
  • Student guidance and support
  • Program delivery
  • Off-site practical/workplace components
  • Assessment and moderation
  • Reporting and certification
  • Research
  • Evaluative quality assurance and internal audit and review
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification and NAAC accreditation

Wondering about the benefits of Quality Assurance? Here is a list of advantages of quality improvement:

  • Improved Quality of Education
  • Brand Building
  • Higher enrolment
  • Higher acceptance by students
  • More opportunities for collaborations and partnerships and funding
  • Better Industrial relations
  • Credibility & Reliability
  • Cost cutting
  • Better rankings
  • Student satisfaction

Here is the step-by-step guide for the implementation of quality management system in your institution:

  1. Taking the decision about the implementation of the system by the top-management
  2. Establishing the quality representative at the university
  3. Establishing the working teams to the implementation of the QMS
  4. Preliminary Audit
  5. Working out the detailed plan of the implementation works
  6. Training of the university management and workers creating the structure of the system
  7. Defining processes realised at the university and their ratios
  8. Working out the documentation of the QMS
  9. Training of the internal auditors
  10. Implementation of worked out system and its checking
  11. Certification audit
  12. Control audits and improvement activities

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