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It is very important for educational institutions to differentiate themselves and create a long-lasting brand which can be trusted by students and community. MindBiz has a complete 360 degree solution for branding and marketing endeavours of its clients. Here is a snapshot of the services provided by MindBiz:

  • Market research to understand the college’s brand perception in the community
  • Communication strategy for the key stakeholders: Parents, students, alumni, corporate: Website, emails, campus guide, batch profile, Faculty profile, News, online presence
  • Creative Content Marketing
  • Positioning of the institute
  • Event management, co-branding at different management, economic and technical events
  • Driving student engagement in the student clubs to improve campus experience
  • Ranking analysis & competitor analysis and suggestions for improving the rankings

Wondering how it will help? Here is a short list of benefits which academic institutions have derived by performing branding activities:

  • Improved ranking
  • Higher enrolment
  • Public awareness and improved perception
  • Attract better students
  • Attract recruiters
  • Attract better faculty
  • Increased demand for new programs
  • Foster closer, ongoing relationships with key constituencies such as alumni
  • Help the institution command a higher price based on higher perceived value